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2010 CD


Nerdkween (pronounced "nerd queen") is the stage name for the American singer/songwriter and composer Monica Arrington (born November 2, in Anderson, Indiana) who is known for lo-fi recordings and minimalist style of electric guitar playing with added electronic noises. She is also known for a wide range in vocal ability, from haunting and airy tones to gritty and country-like twangs. Her music is a part of the genre slowcore or dream pop. She is also one of the few African-American performers in experimental pop/rock music.

Arrington started self-releasing cassette tape demos in 2000 starting with "i see things differently now". Then she put out other CD demos "the dark horse" and "Sketches at Eddie's Attic". Arrington's debut full length album "Synergy" is distributed through Stickfigure Records in Atlanta, Ga. Her second full length, "Profitandloss" will be released on Fieldhouse on November 23rd, 2010.