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Atlanta, GA 30308

Come on, Hold on
2010 CD

Pretty Little Wave
2008 CD-R

Ben Trickey

Ben Trickey is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter. He was born, 1979 in Alabama. He played with a couple bands in high school before doing sound and video art for a few years in Atlanta and New York. He started releasing solo recordings in 2001. He now lives in Atlanta and continues to play/record there.

"As he sings his slow, simple songs, you are taken back to a dustbowl-era mentality. A time when the folk singers were few and far between; a time when the folk singers weren't just good, they were damn near perfect." -Daniel Anderson guestpost

"The plight of the stark, lo-fi troubadour is not an easy one. In a post-Bright Eyes, post-Mountain Goats world, indie rock has seen just about every riveting trick one lonely man with a guitar can get away with--as well as the ones he can't. But when Ben Trickey strums and sings about the dark, emotional side of life as an imperfect man, you believe him. The characters and narratives in his songs resonate with somber timelessness, scorched tones and dirty production qualitites that add depth to his frail and frazzle arrangements." -critics pick Best local singer/songwriter '09 Creative Loafing

Jonathan Griffin has been playing violin with Ben since late 2007 and has shown up at live shows and on records.

Will Raines has been playing accordian and upright bass with Ben recently. He's also a member of the great rock band, The Long Shadows.